Membership is open to any person over the age of 18. 

Payments accepted with Membership Form: 
cash (in-person at the Library)
(in-person or mailed)
e-transfer ( & PW: Library2020). 
A receipt is provided.  Credit card payments are NOT available.  Prorated membership fees NOT available. 

The annual membership fee of $25 CAD is valid between January 1 to December 31.  

Explore Volunteerism opportunities by contacting our Library!
Membership in HSGPV is a requirement. 

Member Rights: Any member in good standing is entitled to the following rights and privileges of this Society: 

  • may attend and vote on any issue at any Annual General Meeting (AGM) … generally held in May or June.
  • may stand for election to any office. 
  • is eligible to inspect the books and records at a mutually agreeable time, upon written application to the Board.
  • may sign out 3 books at a time from the Library for a period of 3 weeks each time, with the exception of designated reference material. 

Available at a nominal cost to offset photocopying costs.