Major centres in Ukraine and Poland provided to help orient researchers.
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Settlement Maps, designed by Germans from Russia:  This is the home of the Google maps of the locations of German settlements in the Russian and Austrian empires that occurred from 1763 into the early 20th century. The locations are based on numerous historical maps, including those by Karl Stumpp, Rudolf Unterschütz, Pierre François Tardieu and others. This unique resource is detailed and vast in scope, inclusive of all German groups who uprooted from their Germanic homelands and heeded the call of Catherine the Great, her successors and others to colonize the forests and steppes of Russia and Austria.

Volhynia Colonies Google Map      Includes an alphabetical listing to click on.   This is based upon the document:  Germans From Russia and Eastern Europe Settlement Locations available in pdf. Volhynia area Colonies (1,002), currently in the Ukraine is listed on p.156.

Don Miller’s website contains detailed information about Volhynian villages visited over the 25 years, and includes a link to Herb Poppke’s site Shitomir & More, 1993, as to how some villages look in more modern times.

Volhynia Google Map      The major cities in the old region of Volhynia, including the the old Volhynia boundary.  Note: no dates are provided.

Volhynia Map 1908       Courtesy of Taken from an atlas published in London in 1908 by the Harmsworth company.

Volhynia Geography     Shows the boundary of the historic Volhynia gubernia.  There are further links to interesting maps, including district and colony maps.

Mapire: Historical Maps online:  Great military surveys, countries, cities and thematic maps.