Google My Maps Tutorial by HSGPV
Use your Google (gmail) account and design a personal customized map for your genealogical pursuits!

See HSGPV’s orientation map, as an example.
Check out the project that inspired us.…..Germans from Russia Settlement Locations.
Check out HSGPV’s customized map of Volhynia by parish – dataset provided by Sandy AND her Edmonton slide presentation.
She gives an excellent overview of her project and Google mapping history!

You will need a gmail account. They’re free. To learn about gmail accounts, a good free resource is EPL: Edmonton Public Library. With your EPL account # and pin/password, you can sign into for free; an excellent online learning site. Direct link: …. OR: EPL Home and click: Digital Content then Activity Learn and scroll to Look for Google gmail courses and start learning!

How to get to Google My Maps:
1. Sign into your Google (gmail) Account: Google Mail
2. At the top right, click on the “square” to enter the Google apps attached to your account. Go to Maps app.
3. In Maps app, click: Menu (on top left of the search bar-however over the 3 “bars” to see the ‘Menu’ identified).
4. Scroll down to Your Places, about half-way down the list. Then click: Your Places.
5. You will see 4 choices: Labeled | Saved | Visited | Maps …… at the top.
6. Click: Maps. Go to the bottom. Click: Create Map.
7. Provide a title to your map. The map is automatically saved in Google Drive.
* If you already have a map created, it can be found in your Drive. Open it and to edit again, you MAY need to click: Edit or another message , such as “Open in MyMaps” under the title to get to the editing mode, which has the search bar & blank edit box.

Don’t forget to set the map To Share, so others can see it! On your map: Find the person icon – Share, click on this and choose: public to allow anyone to see it OR Anyone, with the link, to share with specific people. Follow the directions provided to choose your preference.

Don’t forget to log out of your account! Go to top right. Find your ‘icon’ …. click… to find “Sign out.”

Example: AGS Workshop – October 2, 2019 is set to Public and shared here! “Anyone on the Internet can find and view.” No one can edit this map, UNLESS you give them permission, via email, as per the share settings, for the specific map you’ve created.

Features to explore to customize your map:
Features: GPS locations, links to Google maps, customized text, personal pictures/images, layers, colours choices for points/places (markers), etc.
When you open the map…. top is a red band, with your map title. Underneath the title: Click: “Open in My Maps” to be able to edit your map.
How to add a place: Example: Red Deer
Go to the Search Bar at the top (middle). Type in “Red Deer” . Choose: Red Deer, AB from the drop down list. A point will be created (in green) in the middle of Red Deer. Click on the green marker, then choose: + Add to map.
The geolocation is shown. You can now add: text, colour, image, directions, etc. and also delete it. Edit the point further to customize.
Add a photo from your Google Drive: The Album / Album Archive must be set to Public to avoid “blacked out” photos. This seems to be done through the Account settings. Be VERY wary of this feature, as this author is NOT familiar with ALL the privacy ramifications.
Add a photo from your computer: This feature is not working properly, as easily as the past. The photos are uploaded, but are black and the author is unaware, as to why, as of October 2, 2019.
Adding your OWN marker… one that isn’t in the search bar…. is VERY easy.… Go to the search bar at the top and click on the ‘teardrop’ (marker). Place the + (cross hair) on the map where you want it to sit, then click on the + sign, which means “Add this marker.” It will automatically appear as a Point # with an edit screen, and will be seen on the left (in the layer/table of contents). You can edit it further, by giving it a name, colourizing it, and adding a description, photo, etc. Practice: Try finding your house and placing it on the map! Now YOU have a place on your Google customized map!
Layers …. and Points: Within each layer it’s very easy to move the points around. Click on the point you want to move, and keep your finger on the mouse, then move it to where you want it to be placed. Points can have a variety of styles. Explore the “paint roller” icon above the points on the left. Click on individual styles and choose your preference. Making changes is easy. Note: there is no ‘undo’ button. If you liked something and changed it, you will have to manually change it back again.

Handy Tools: GPS Coordinate Converter Other tool suggestions, welcome!

NOTE: The Google Community Forum has many people noting the “black” photos (from both Google Photos app and personal computer) since July 2019. It’s likely Google is updating this feature, and that it’s presently in transition, until account settings/privacy settings between apps are clearer for the consumer.

Other ways to get to My Maps:
OR: Search (type) into Google browser: google my maps. Sign into your Google Account. Create a new map or Click on a previous map.
OR: Sign into My Maps by clicking: Google Maps OR.….. type the following into your browser: Then sign into your account.

See Google’s Tutorial: Google My Maps Tutorial Good overview. Scroll to the bottom & see what’s possible.
Also: Google Help: My Maps Help for computer, tablet, phone versions.

Please note: Google updates their apps periodically and sometimes the steps from the past are not quite the same. Keep looking, until you find what you need. This tutorial is updated, as changes or features are noted by the author. The updates are not provided, timely to any Google updates. Kindly provide any suggestions to the author.

Author’s Notes for You!
* You can copy & paste this page into a Word document. All the links should remain clickable. It was tested on MS Word 2016 and worked seamlessly.
* The updates are noted with a date and time stamp at the bottom of this page.
* This author is available for personal help during the library times listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website. Please make advance arrangements to ensure availability of the author. This author is also available at alternate times. Mutually convenient time and location requests can be facilitated through HSGPV ‘Contact Us, as per the link below.

Author/Contact: Barbara Stenzel at HSGPV Contact Us for more information about this tutorial.

See Also:
Google Website (Free) on Google Drive, linked to your Google (gmail) account.
Example: HSGPV Google Practice Site OR copy & insert into browser: . Note: the URL name. To have a custom URL, there is a cost, and web hosting fees through Google business/personal accounts.
There are tours and drop down menus to help navigate and edit the site quickly. For example, HSGPV Google Practice Site took less than 5 minutes to complete, as shown.

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