AHSGR, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Edmonton chapter shares space with HSGPV library and is open to the public during the same time.  For further information, click: AHSGR-Edmonton Chapter.

SGGEE, The Society for German Geneology in Eastern Europe focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia and other related regions.  Contains a dates index for births, marriages, and deaths…Go into public datalinks.

AGS, Alberta Genealogical Society.…Select: Branches/Special Interest Groups (SIG) or click: AGS-Branches-SIG.
Search for:  German Heritage or Germans from Russia for information about meetings.

FEEFHS: Wandering Volhynians:  A description and history of the Wandering Volhynians magazine and includes an index, by Jerry Frank, which covers all editions through September, 1996.

GERMAN: Volhynian and Poland Resources:
Wikiwand Wolhynien 
Wikiwand is a modern reader for web and mobile, that optimizes Wikipedia’s amazing content for a significantly improved reading experience.  Description courtesy of Wikiwand-About Us

VolynWiki ist eine Infosammlung zum Forschungsgebiet Wolhynien.  Schwerpunkt ist die Familienforschung. Melden Sie sich im Wolhynien-Forum.  Wolhynia.de: Ihre Vorfahren haben in Wolhynien gelebt und Sie möchten mehr darüber wissen? Willkommen zum Abenteuer Familienforschung! Description courtesy of the various website pages.  Website contains original birth, marriage and death registers and indexes.  Go into Kirchenbücher.

AGOFF – Forschungsstelle Wolhynien   Extensive information organized in sections including: Overview of region’s geography and history, with reference maps; Research links and contacts; Multi-lingual information about specific research related to places and people; Extensive historical information about church records; Archival information world-wide including Canada; a Help page for various research parameters.

http://volhynia.org A History of German Baptists. Donald Miller….. “have written a number of books about Volhynia, including many articles, some of which I have included on this site. In addition, I have led about two dozen tours to Ukraine, done extensive research in the State and regional archives and founded a humanitarian mission in the Zhitomir region. In my pursuits I have become especially interested in the Baptist movement in Russia and consider myself somewhat of an authority on the German Baptists in Volhynia and the repression of the Germans in the 1930s.” Description courtesy of the website. 

Mittelpolen.de   Vorrangig kann man sich auf dieser Seite über Familienforschung in Mittelpolen auftauchen – und zwar in unserem rege genutzten Forum.  Darüber hinaus stellen wir Texte, Bilder, Register use. aus unserem Forschungsgebiet.  Description courtesy of the Startseite.

http://geneteka.genealodzy.pl   has marriage and birth registers from Poland.  Enter the province and major town.  Example: Lodz.

Wolhynien.de   Ihre Vorfahren haben in Wolhynien gelebt und Sie möchten mehr darüber wissen? Willkommen zum Abenteuer Familienforschung!

GRHS, Germans from Russia Heritage Society collects, lists, and catalogues published materials and personal documents that tell of the European migrations and exodus to the United States and Canada.  It is headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota.

ENGLISH: Volhynia and Poland Resources and FAQs
Wiki: Volhynia genealogy  Extensive genealogical, geographical and historical information, starting with “Volhynia is an historical district comprised of modern day northwestern Ukraine.”  Please note the HSGPV link on this site is outdated.  Come back here for more HSGPV information.

Volhynia  Great source of historical & geographical information!

Volhynia-Wikipedia  Great research on Wikipedia!

Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine – Volhynia   An excellent overview of the history, geography, population and economy of Volhynia.

More research from Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online: Volhynia (Ukraine)

Extensive array of historical pictures and maps.  Various search parameters were used to culminate in this link!  HSGPV thanks Larry for providing this treasure trove!

Resettlement / Immigrants:  Volhynians in the 1930s and 1940s.   Search parameters used on alamy.  HSGPV thanks Larry for these insightful pictures!

Volhynia….Media Interests
Waiting for Waldemar:  A docu-drama produced in Alberta about the great refugee crisis after World War II out of Eastern Europe.  Further information about the production: Waiting for Waldemar – Producer.  Trailer: Waiting for Waldemar.  News articles in German and English: WfW news articles.  Showings were at the Princess Theater, Edmonton, AB on April 17, 2017.

Eastern Europe….Media Interests
Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter (Generation War) 2013 TV mini-series. “Berlin, 1941. Five friends eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe – and that will forever change them as well.”  See IMDb for extensive information about this series.

Volhynian History Links
Principality of Volhnynia     Wikipedia: From 979 – 1199 AD.  Includes original crest.

Ukrainian Historical Regions     A list of the various regions of Ukraine and/or inhabited by Ukrainians and their ancestors throughout history with maps and further links.  Scroll to Volhynia, identified with its crest.

Related to Edmonton, Alberta:
Family History Centers (FHCs) are branch facilities of the Family Search and the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah (US), located all over the world. There is no cost to visit and are open to anyone with an interest in genealogical research.

Related to Canada:
Ancestry.ca  Canada’s leading family history website offers members access to 129 million searchable Canadian family history records.  Description courtesy of website overview.  Contains many databases, e.g. births, marriages, deaths, immigration.

German-Canadian History & Culture based in Ontario and has an updated link to the Yearbooks listed, as follows:German-Canadian Yearbook (was last updated in 2005).  Has an order form and contact information.

German-Canadian Heritage Museum located in Mississauga, Ontario.

German-Canadian Historical Association based in Toronto, Ontario. We are a non-profit Association founded in Toronto in 1973.  Our mission is to collect, promote and disseminate information regarding the development and contributions of the German-speaking groups in Canada. We are assisting in the keeping of a record of facts (material and intellectual in nature), we are attempting to increase the availability of existing material of the German-Canadian element within Canadian society. The German-Canadian Historical Association holds symposia dealing with such subject matter as literature, painting, scholarship, politics and history, as well as future developments in German-Canadian Studies generally and in biographical up-dating specifically.  The Association is also involved in publishing a newsletter and other journals.

Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario is based in Waterloo.  The society’s purpose is to research and record the contribution of the early settler families from Pennsylvania who began arriving in Upper Canada beginning in 1786.

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society is based in Winnipeg, MB.

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is based in Regina, SK.

Related to the United States:
Alles German:  
A Directory of German Clubs & Organizations Promoting Germanic-American Culture, Language, Customs & History.

German-American Heritage Museum is located in Washington, D.C.

German-American History & Heritage  Please note that many links are broken within this website.

German Village Society located in Columbus, Ohio.

Pennsylvania German Society is based in Ephrata, PA and is a nonprofit, educational organization devoted to the study of PA German people and their 325+ year history in America. 

Goschenhoppen Historians Inc.: Goschenhoppen is one of the oldest continuously existing Pennsylvania German communities in America.

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is based in Pennsylvania and has a museum, exhibits and shop.

Iowa Genealogical Society-German Interest Group

Germanic Genealogy Society is based in Minnesota. GGS offers information, educational opportunities, publications, and association with others researching German roots.  This includes areas that are outside of the current borders of Germany

The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A: is a charitable organization supporting the Danube Swabian Community with financial assistance to children, youth, travel and dance groups, also sports tournaments and German language schools.

Associated German Societies of New England (AGSNE) on AGSNE Facebook.

Bukovina Society of the Americas: is about who our ancestors were, where they came from, and how we came to be who we are today. 

German-Bohemian Heritage Society is based in Minnesota.

German-Acadian Coast Historical & Genealogical Society is based in Louisiana.

See our HSGPV Members genealogical webpages.  Click HERE