August 11, 2018  UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  Will be available soon.  

Message you will see on this Registration Page:

Thank you for your interest in HSGPV.  

Please register for the Members Only section on our site through the link below.  You will receive an email stating that we are verifying payment.  This may take up to 24 hours.  After verification, you will receive an email with a link to the HSGPV Login Page to activate your account. When you go to that link it will allow you to choose a “username” and “password” and complete the registration process.  Should you misplace your password, there is an option to reset the password.  

Presently HSGPV only accepts payment by cash and cheque.  See Become a Member for information.  Please contact our office, if you have not received an email, verifying payment and providing the activation link. OR, If you have received the email, but are not able to register, please contact our office, and a volunteer will assist you.  

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HSGPV is looking into offering PayPal  and credit card payments for annual membership dues.
A link will be provided here, if we implement this payment option.
HSGPV Board, August 2018