Members Only section will be available in the near future.  

We are working on this section over the summer months.  If you have an HSGPV paid membership, you will be notified of access to this section of our website with an email, providing you with a link for registration.  Thank you!  HSGPV Board

Check our our newsletters and online library database to appreciate
the wealth of materials we’re sifting through to provide our members and guests
a unique experience through our website.

Future Website Enhancement Planning……

Our organization is non-profit, run entirely by volunteers, and the bulk of our membership is seniors. In the future, we will explore a members-only section.
At present, there is NO login function for members.  

Members are busy collecting further information and artistic features to showcase our society.  As we find the items we’re looking for, further technical enhancements will continue.  

Our membership is provided the opportunity to suggest materials or ideas, during this phase of website development, making this an interactive experience for our community.  Your patience during this next website construction phase is appreciated!   Changes and enhancements will continue until we reach our intended goal of providing an informative and pleasant experience for our members and the public.

The HSGPV Board is working on various projects to be available. Check out our Galleries.


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BWS defines user as someone who logs in.  Guests visit the site, but don’t log in.