Help preserve records of your family’s ethnic German heritage for the future.
Consider donating historical items (books, maps, photographs, heirlooms) to the HSGPV  Library.
Tax receipts are available for the value of the donation, and for contributions over $10.
Please fill out the following HSGPV form: HSGPV Donation Form and contact us for any further information.
Donations are accepted by members and the public!

Check out what library or office supplies you may be able to recycle through a donation by scrolling to the bottom of the page: Library News

THANK YOU to our Many Contributors!

A huge THANK YOU goes to everyone who generously gave donations to HSGPV over the past a few years! These donations were vital in helping HSGPV meet its goals to raise funds for a matching grant with the Alberta Government.  The money was used to revise the HSGPV website and upgrade the library computer system.

Thank you to Nancy Burrow for the generous donations in 2019 and 2020 for the genealogy work the library volunteers have provided!
Thank you to Anonymous for $1000 through United Way Pay@Work, choosing HSGPV as recipient!
Thank you to Capital Power’s EmPowering Communities Program! 
Thank you to Peter von Lipinsky for the many white binders donated!
Thank you to Leo Stenzel, an HSGPV founding member, for his donation of funds!
Other contributor names to follow.

DONATIONS IN KIND:  Upon acceptance of a donation the Historical Society of Germans from Poland and Volhynia (HSPGV) considers that the society is deemed to have been granted exclusive copyright in perpetuity for all original materials donated, subject to the Canadian Copyright Act.  The donator may be requested to provide an additional HSGPV Copyright Waiver.   Please contact us for modifications tailored to your donation or your collection description requires more space.  We accommodate individual needs.