Why HSGPV is home to Wandering Volhynians...

This magazine is treasured by researchers and a complete set or excerpts can be bought through HSGPV, either in print or digital format. HSGPV exists because of Ewald Wuschke’s research spanning 50 years. In the late 1990s, Wusche donated his research and Wandering Volhynians collection, forming the foundation of the library of the HSGPV.

Edmonton was selected as a site for his extensive collection because it already had a large German and European community, and Wuschke believed that the establishment of a library would be an asset.  His vision was that a historical society could preserve and promote an understanding of the German heritage of the Volhynian and Polish Congress regions.  It would also lend itself to expansion of resources from other donators and support further research.

Several locations were considered.  Wuschke, and a steering committee of five Edmontonians, accepted a generous offer by the Trinity Lutheran Church in Old Strathcona to house the library.  The formation of The Historical Society of Germans from Poland and Volhynia soon followed with an initial membership of around 60 members.