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Complete set of E. Wuschke’s Wandering Volhynians magazine

Canada:  $100 CAD + $20 CAD postage.    United States: $100 USD, includes postage, due to exchange rate.
Rates are applicable, as of June 2019, due to postal costs and exchange rates.

Wandering Volhynians is a quarterly publication dedicated to serving the genealogical, historical and heritage interests of descendants of Germans who migrated to or through Congress Poland and Volhynia. Regular features include a surname data base, a query column, obituary listings, and a problem corner. Interspersed with these regular features are maps, book reports, translations of old German material, reports on research and tourist trips to east Europe, personal successes, documents, pedigrees, photographs or drawings, and so on. Each issue contains 24 pages. Description courtesy of   FEEFHS-Wandering Volhynians
The FEEFHS-Wandering Volhynians website has a summary of the history of the resource, from 1987-1999, when publication ceased.  Clicking on the Index at the bottom of the page leads to an overview of the index, which is split into 4 sections and covers all editions of the Wandering Volhynians through September, 1996.  Each section covers a variety of topics, referencing the volume and issue number applicable.  Each index can be downloaded or printed and is an excellent tool for researching within this set.
HSGPV has digitized this index under Library: HSGPV Resources and is searchable by key word!

Wandering Volhynians set and the FEEFHS index is available as a reference tool for research purposes in our library.

Individual issues can be accommodated for print copies: 
Canada:  $6 CAD + $1 CAD for postage.  United States:  $5 USD + $1 USD for postage. 

Why HSGPV is home to Wandering Volhynians …..

Step Back in Time Volume I, II, III ($70 CAD each)  Step Back in Time Vol I     Step Back in Time Vol II      Step Back in Time Vol III. Each is “An Historical Travel Guide for Albertans of German Heritage” Vol I, II, III for Northern, Central, Southern Alberta respectively. All volumes are available to HSGPV members for borrowing.  

A Journey in Volhynia and Canada ($10 CAD)
Pages from the diary of Pastor Ernst Althausen, a former Lutheran pastor in Volhynia.  Published in 1921 in German and translated into English in 1993. Summary and picture provided in our link.

Lutsk Evangelical Lutheran Kirche Of Christ the Saviour, by Mykhailo Kostiuk     Printed in 2019 and is available in the HSGPV library in Ukrainian and translated versions in English and German for $20 CAD.

HSGPV German Cookbook ($12 CAD)  Our membership collected the recipes and some are unique to the regions!

Marsh Family Book ($20 CAD)

HSGPV Lapel pin $6 CAD    HSGPV Logo and Pin Description                                   


Various books are available now!

Gently used books, which had been donated, however not relevant to HSGPV research
and approved by the HSGPV Board to be donated forward. Available in the library or at HSGPV events.