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Wandering Volhynians has a home with HSGPV.  The 1987 to 1999 complete set is available for purchase, in print ($100 CAD) or digital form ($50 CAD).  Single issues and excerpts are also available:  HSGPV PDF Issues Index. A searchable content index is at Library – Indexes Digitized.  
A PDF content index is downloadable at FEEHS – Wandering Volhynians

Why HSGPV is home to Wandering Volhynians ….

SALE!   50% off,  gently used print version of  complete set!

Wandering Volhynians is a quarterly publication dedicated to serving the genealogical, historical and heritage interests of descendants of Germans who migrated to or through Congress Poland and Volhynia.  Regular features include a surname database, a query column, obituary listings, and a problem corner.  Interspersed with these regular features are maps, book reports, translations of old German material, reports on research and tourist trips to east Europe, personal successes, documents, pedigrees, photographs or drawings, and so on.  Each issue contains 24 pages.” Description courtesy of FEEFS-Wandering Volhynians. 

A Journey in Volhynia and Canada ($10 CAD)       Pages from the diary of Pastor Ernst Althausen, a former Lutheran pastor in Volhynia.  Published in 1921 in German and translated into English in 1993.  See Cover

Step Back in Time ($70 CAD each) Volumes I, II, III [Northern, Central and Southern Alberta] are wonderful historical travel guides for Albertans of German heritage.  Published in 2012 – 2013, each volume has 300+ pages of historical information and pictures about various localities providing an interesting journey into Alberta’s pioneering era.   The high quality glossy pages add to the vibrancy of these books and could easily be featured as coffee table browsers. HSGPV has a searchable content index at HSGPV Library-Indexes Digitized.  

Lutsk Evangelical Lutheran Kirche Of Christ the Saviour, by Mykhailo Kostiuk.  ($20 CAD)  Printed in 2019 and is available in Ukrainian and translated versions in English.  This is NOT on sale. Proceeds are forwarded to author. 

Marsch: A History of the Marsch Family in Europe and North America.  ($20 CAD) This 243 page book, published in 1993, includes up to six generations of the Marsch family and information for Grams, Singbeil, Zado, Pokrandt and Eckert families.  There are family trees, letters, maps, family stories and indices of names and places.  

HSGPV Cookbook:  ($12 CAD) A 56-page collection of favourite and tried recipes from HSGPV members in 2011.  We’ve listed all the recipes on our information sheet and invite you to browse our cookbook on your next visit.  Our contributors enthusiastically shared their favourites to provide our community with warmth and memories that their recipes evoke.  

HSGPV Lapel Pin ($6 CAD):  Our logo is honoured with this quality Cloisonné lapel pin and is symbolic of the Volhynian heritage.  NOT on sale.  New members receive a free pin. 

TAKE & DONATE:  Gently used books, which have been donated, however not relevant to HSGPV research and approved by the HSGPV Board to be donated forward.  Available in the library or at events.