Email:  Please fill out the form below.  Or contact us at hsgpv@telus.netTelephone our office:   587-454-0825   [Edmonton, Alberta].
A volunteer will respond as quickly as possible.  Email and voice mail is checked regularly.

HSGPV Library location:  Edmonton, Alberta, in the historic Old Strathcona district.  
Explore Edmonton!          Explore  Old Strathcona!   or  Old Strathcona Events!         Explore Alberta!          Explore Western Canada

Library Hours: every Thursday, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.   Our volunteer librarian will be pleased to help you.  If you would like to visit the library outside of regular hours, arrange access by emailing us ….Or leave a message on our office phone.
Free parking is available across the street, or in front of the main entrance.

Library Access:  Room 11 in Trinity Lutheran Church.  Ring the doorbell and the buzzer will sound to enter via the left main door.  Go past the church office, turn right and go the end of the hallway.  Turn right again and go through the doors to access downstairs.  Light switch is to the right of the door entering the staircase landing.  Lights ALSO automatically come on a few steps down.  Elevators are not accessible.  The research area is the first door on the right and our office is attached.  Please avoid walking through the daycare.  Reception at the church office can also direct you to the library.
                            Bring your laptop, tablet, smartphone… Guest WiFi available (HSGPV 5)!  

Please do NOT contact Trinity Lutheran Church for any inquiries. It is NOT affiliated with our organization. Office staff at Trinity forward HSGPV inquiries to our office.  

Visitors to the Library….
You are welcome to visit the Library and complete research on site without any membership fee being charged.
You are welcome to attend special Open House Seminars.  Token donations are welcomed.
Borrowing privileges are restricted to HSGPV members.  See our Membership page for more information.
Library Donations are accepted by HSGPV members or the public.  Fill out the form provided at Make a Donation or contact our office for further information.

Contact us by mail:   HSGPV, 10014 – 81 Avenue, Edmonton, AB   T6E 1W8