Do you have some volunteer time to help us in the library?

HSGPV is looking for a librarian ….. or even two to ‘job share’ ….

Our library is open to the public and society members on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is located downstairs at Trinity Lutheran Church.  We specialize in genealogical research for Germans from Poland and Volhynia.  Our computer hardware and software is up-to-date and we offer wifi to our visitors.  A searchable database of our extensive collection is available on our website.  The librarian helps visitors and members with their genealogical research and maintains the library collection database.  A history and present initiatives is described in our article about our past librarian at:  Our Librarian 

Skillsets desired:

  • Good knowledge of English language and working knowledge of German.
  • Very organized, with computer skills: Word, Excel ….good knowledge and willingness to learn more.

Contact HSGPV office for more information or come in to speak to one of our Board members about the position.

Book reviewers for our Book Gallery wanted!  100+ Family History books to review!  Your review will be published on our website!  Check out what our reviewers have done recently in our Book Gallery!  You can work from home or come into to the library to work on the review.  We have an easy template to follow.  NO computer skills are needed.  

We’re also looking for Library Assistants…….. Would that interest you? 

  • To carry books from the shelves to the office desk….For barcoding by our librarian.  Then…to carry books back to the shelves & shelve them in the correct order.
  • To provide summaries of the books….a few lines, so we can add that summary to our database. These need to be written in English.  For people who are more comfortable writing in German, we can accommodate that, as well.
  • To provide in-depth summaries of some books for our website and newsletters.
  • To get to know the library, to be able to help visitors……………So our librarian can devote more time to barcoding.


HSGPV is looking for willing volunteers to help with some things to enhance our services:

Membership committee; Generating ideas to increase membership and renewal follow-up. Helping with event creation and planning. Periodic meeting with Board members required.

Library assistance: Help sort and put away books being catalogued, during library hours on Thursday. Comfort with Dewey decimal system an asset or willingness to learn.  See above for specific tasks.

Newsletter/social media content creator: Creating or editing word documents relevant to all members for the newsletter, website and possibly social media. Documents will need to be finalized in MS Word 2016. If you work in another program, please check that conversion is easily possible for our communication team.

Copyright Researcher: Provide reports on research acquired. Research would be done on home computer and discussion with our librarian on a periodic basis. Reports will need to be finalized in MS Word 2016.

E-book Researcher: Looking for books already available on line and pasting the link into Excel for future publica- tion on our website. An e-list would be provided by our librarian and the work would be completed at home. Comfort with Excel required.

Record Transcriber into Excel: Transcription of written records of names, dates and page numbers into an Excel sheet. Deciphering older script from 1800s to early 1900’s is a skillset that is needed and HSGPV has cheat sheets available. A page is provided by the librarian, as well as the Excel format. The finished product is submitted electroni- cally to the librarian for any further editing and then another page is sent out. Deadlines are very flexible. The work is done from home, however the librarian is available for help during library hours.

Researcher: for TAL library system and an HSGPV Library fit, providing a report for the HSGPV Board. Docu- ments will need to be finalized in MS Word 2016. See and/or

If you know someone or would like to help please contact us via email or in person during library hours.

Volunteer positions are unpaid. As a registered society we are able to provide references for volunteer hours. Students requiring volunteer hours or work experience are welcomed. We would also be willing to thank you at the AGM, on our website or social media, with your permission and for students under age 18, with consent of the guardian. Any help is appreciated.